TACACS+ on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

ubuntu-logo32In this post I will be describing the steps required to install TACACS+ on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I will be compiling the TACACS+ daemon with ACL support for additional security.

I will also run through the basic configuration of Cisco devices to use TACACS+ for Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting. Continue reading TACACS+ on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS


GNS3 v1.1 install on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

gns3_icon_256x256In this post I will be running through the installation of the public release of GNS3 version 1.1 on a clean install of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

I am using the Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 LTS distribution, however I have also tested it on a clean install of the standard Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with unity Continue reading GNS3 v1.1 install on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Fundamentals: DHCP

ietfEvery device that wants to communicate on a network requires an IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS server details. There are two methods to configure an IP address information on a Host:

  1. Statically (manually), this is typically reserved for mission critical servers and network devices (routers and switches).
  2. Dynamically, this is typically used for hosts that do not care if their IP changes periodically.

Continue reading Fundamentals: DHCP

GNS3 and IOU remote server install on Centos 6.5

gns3_icon_256x256I recently got a new laptop at work. It has one major downside, it only has 4GB of RAM which is soldered straight into the motherboard and therefore can not be upgraded. Also 500MB of the RAM is reserved for the GPU, so I only have about 3.5GB of useabe RAM. This is fine for running my day to day applications for work, but does not leave much wiggle room for running GNS3.

Luckily I work for a hosting company and we have quite a few servers lying around doing nothing. I managed to get hold of a decommisioned server with 2 quad core processors and 48GB of RAM, perfect to run a remote GNS3 server on. We mainly use Centos and since it is not an OS I am familiar with (I mainly use Ubuntu) I decided to give it a go and try something new. In this post I will run through the steps I went through to get GNS3 sevrer running on Centos as well as setting up the GNS3 GUI to connect to the remote server. Continue reading GNS3 and IOU remote server install on Centos 6.5

Connect GNS3 to the Internet

gns3_icon_256x256It is always useful to be able to connect your GNS3 labs to a real world network such as a physical Lab network of real Cisco devices, connected to you PC, or even to the Internet.

In this post I will provide step by step instructions to connect your GNS3 install to a physical network and to connect to the internet. Continue reading Connect GNS3 to the Internet